1. 5578


  2. getting close

    I’ve pushed my portfolio forward. out of necessity. Its still not finished but I’m hoping to get most of it done till the end of next month. Postproduction of the video for Exitman takes some time ( go and listen, Jesus Dance, tune nr.8) and second Magnum workshop coming soon, but the real highlight of the first half of the year is 3 weeks travel to Cuba in April. I like it all. 

    again, wrapping: 



  3. jesus:self portrait


  4. Maria in the elevator 


  5. 2 days filming


    clever story, great tune, amazing “director assistant” amazing dancer and amazing girl. amazing gaffers, focus pullers, huge tripods carriers, reflektors, dollys, shovel supervisors, loads of coffee, stress, running, walking, reshooting, walking shooting, moving rooms around, driving vans, getting cold. incredible experience. i’m so tired but so very satisfied ( and I never am really)

    jesus dance / exitman. music video. soon man



  7. 2625


  8. 1427


  9. Chez / Alhambra 


  10. tyninghame forest / 2014 


  11. My recent commercial (and pleasant) work. I can’t ask for more really. Few photos for Salsa Celtica turned into hours of footage (to be published in March), designing CD pack + booklet and booking tickets to Cuba.  2014 groove on.


  12. More stuff, if you like www.mainlyphotography.com 


  13. blank booklet check salsa celtica


  14. push to tumblr


  15. edinburgh / boxing day

    high street for 10 minutes. I would not recommend it to anybody with sense of esthetics or human nature lovers.

    christmas sale =  refreshed, XXI century definition of “the horde”( horde as a military structure in steppe nomad culture)