1. En Tierra Extrana - San Sebastian Festival. 

    Its an amazing feeling to see that Iciar Bollain’s documentary in which I carried a first camera as DOP is being screened during SSFF. Little bit surreal, aye. 


  2. I’m happy to announce that Iciar Bollain’s documentary “En tierra extrana”on which I have had pleasure to work as a DOP is going to be screened during 62nd San Sebastian Film Festival.



  3. little video of my little brother.



  4. well I never photograph like this.

    that might be a subconscious answer for what I think about Tokyo. you dont hunt for photographs, they roll in thousands just in front of you.





  8. cuba / havana


  9. Havana / Cuba 

    that might be the longest video piece I’ve made independently. My self-implied deadline : November.
    Translating interviews, cataloging shoots and on top of this I just got perfect tune from side project of Salsa-Celtica. It seems that I had to put it on a side and get involved with other things to find new enthusiasm for this one.
    havana boxing club.
    few stills from first cuts.

  10. It looks like I’ve assumed that I have to take as many photos as many people walked next to me. Too many. Lost in translation works well. Out of necessity works well too. Everything works and nothing works. I feel like all my work from Japan is chaotic as Japan itself. Maybe I’ll just follow this stream and content will emerge. automatically.


  11. the distance - japan

    After more than a year of negatives collecting the dust, things moved and the Distance had its premiere as an intro to Sapporo International Art Festival. Its nice to leave the current and work with archived work. Its nice to get an invitation and open solo exhibition in Japan. I also had a chance to be lost in Tokyo for 2 weeks so loads to follow.


  12. The distance in Contemporary Art Institute CAI02 / Sapporo / Japan.


  13. havana/cuba


  14. Malecon at night. Sticky pavements, hot air and thousands of teenagers. One of this places which turns in something completely  different as soon as the sun goes down.

    Havana / Cuba


  15. My last year big work, |The Distance| will be on display in CAI Contemporary Art Institute in Sapporo, Japan for a month of June.
    Go and see it, go and see me too.